Janel Keating - Superintendent

"In order to accomplish this mission (of educating students), we recognize teachers are the heart and soul of every school. We also recognize that if our students are to continue to learn and develop it's imperative that our teachers continue to learn and grow professionally as well. So, it's our desire that the White River School District be a place that's both personally and professionally fulfilling for each of you as well as a place where teachers can learn and grow."

The Culture and Values

White River School District is committed to creating a collaborative culture, with an intense focus on clarifying what each student must learn, monitoring each student's learning, providing systemic interventions, and enrichment for students who master learning standards.  We are committed to developing a culture that values collaboration, experimentation, continuous improvement and a focus on the results.  It is our belief that our pursuit of high levels of learning for all students and adults can be realized by embedding the practices of professional learning communities into the culture of the entire school district.  To this end, we will focus intently and collaboratively on the following four questions:
    1.  What do we want each student to learn?
    2.  How will we know if each student is learning it?
    3.  How will we respond when a student is experiencing difficulty learning?
    4.  How will we respond if the student already knows it?
It is our mission to ensure high levels of learning for all students preparing them for successes beyond high school.